Golf Clash hack: add unlimited gems and coins

If you enjoy playing this game as much as me, then you will find this Golf Clash hack the only way to fully enjoy the game without spending a dime. Your gaming experience will increase tons and you won’t be spending any money, nor countless hours of playing the game. You are supposed to have fun when playing games, not struggling. The best players in the game have been using various Golf Clash cheats and tricks to get there, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t use it as well.

In this article we also had a quick glance at the game, detailing some of the features that made the game skyrocket in the app stores. The generator we tried does not make you go through much hassle, as you have only to enter your in game name and how many gems and coins you want.

golf clash

golf clash

Are you ready for Golf Clash cheats?

Golf is also know as the rich men’s sport, so you probably haven’t really played golf in your real life or if you have, I’m telling you that this game is much more fun. The game is free to download for Android users as well as iphone fans, so please visit your respective app shop and install the game if you haven’t done so already. Golf Clash is an online multiplayer game, where you can challenge your friends in 1vs1 matches or perhaps play in the tour mode where the game will place you against a random user of your skill.

Check out your golf bag!

If you check out your golf bag, you will see there are various clubs which will help you hit better. As you play, you can collect more clubs and upgrade them so you can take that perfect hit! But this is not free, as you need gems when upgrading your clubs. Right now, you can purchase gems using real money or try hacking Golf Clash which is totally free. Accuracy is another important factor in this game, and the better your club is, the more accurate you will be able to hit.

How about the chests? What are they?

As in most games, every time you win in Golf Clash, you will be rewarded with chests. Inside those chests you can find coins as well as new clubs. At the moment there are 3 types of chests: wooden, silver and gold. While the wooden chest won’t give you more than a handful of coins and a mediocre club, the golden chests are the best in terms of prizes. You can purchase these chests using gems which are easy to get using a Golf Clash Hack.

To make things easier for you, Golf Clash has a system which allows you to compare your clubs. As a result, every time you get a new club in your inventory, you can compare it to your other clubs and see what benefits it has, if any. Some will be better for very long distances, like the Long Irons, while others can be very accurate for shorter distances, like the Grizzly.

Golf Clash Hack 2017

I am telling you that this game is really addictive, therefore you will want to have the best clubs and balls possible. It is really frustrating loosing against another player just because he has better gear, even though you are more skilled. As I put a lot of hours in this game, I assure you there are a lot of players who are using Golf Clash cheats to win tours. There is no point you should not be trying a Golf Clash generator too as the tool is a piece of cake to use.

Remember, no matter how hard you work, if you don’t work smart you won’t make it. As simple as that, so therefore I encourage all my friends to give this tool a try. At the end of the day, Golf Clash is a new approach to gaming and it sees a huge following with millions of players already playing the game. As the game is free to download and play, there are the in game purchases where you need to spend real money. But having access for free to a Golf Clash hack, there is no reason for you to spend any real money and at the same time get an edge over your competitors.

So, what are some of the stats?

The distance that golf balls travel is influenced by the amount of power a club gives you. Of course, the more powerful your club is the higher the distance your ball will go. However, you need to take into consideration the effect of the wind as well as the way the ball might bounce. After hitting the ground for the first time, the ball will jump a few times and then continue to roll until a full stop. Depending on the wind direction, there might be a chance that the ball can face wind resistance, or perhaps change trajectory or if your lucky, push the ball to go even further.


Curl is helpful when shooting the ball around corners. A high curl club will allow the ball to travel around the corner allowing you to land that perfect shot with ease. The curl effect is not something you are able to replicate, as this stat is purely controlled by the club you are using.

When you want to take a really powerful shoot, you will not consider only the power of the club. You can look at the top spin stats of the club as this will allow the ball to move a lot easier through the rough. Bare in mind that this is not making the ball travelling a longer distance on its first hit. In simple terms, the ball will bounce harder when hitting the ground.

Now, wouldn’t be cool if there was an effect to make the ball not bounce that much when it lands for the first time? Well, there is this stat called back spin which is exactly what you need when you need to land the ball in tight places. With top spin, you won’t be able to tell how far the ball will bounce, but with back spin you know for sure that the ball will stop as soon as it hits the ground for the first time. It is a lot easier to predict compared to top spin.

Now, there is this stat called ball guide which will provide you with information on how long the ball is going to travel after hitting the ground for the first time. This is an estimate so the distance is influenced by other factors such as the wind, angle or ground type.

There are plenty of golf balls with different stats as well. Incredible how in depth this game is, right?! Some of the balls have a side spin effect, making things easier when you encounter objects and you need to go around. These are special balls which cost gems or coins, and you might be limited in getting them unless you try a Golf Clash hack.  However don’t confuse this with curl effect, which you can get from your club.

To verse other players, you will have to pay various fees. For example, you can pay 1000 gold coins and your opponent 1000 gold coins, and the winner of the tour is going to get everything home. This is an interesting way of making a few coins, but it is really weak compared to Golf Clash hack tools which are able to generate unlimited coins and unlimited gems.